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The Hradištko Printinghouse is a company with the seventy-year tradition and focuses on printing specific multi-color firing decals for porcelain, ceramics, glass, enamel and many other printed materials. The production of rotogravure technology started in 2013, and the digital printing technology has been provided since 2016. The production portfolio has been extended by the printing of stamps and other printed stuff requiring a high degree of protection. Production of valuables is made in the secure mode.


Our Technology

Screen Printing
Sheet screen printing allows a distinctive and deep color pattern, especially for glass and porcelain firing transfers and other top-quality products.
Offset is a printing technique designed for high quality printing of your leaflets, posters and other printing stuff. Our specialty is the classic preparation of printing forms "wet way" using film templates and film assemblies. We often combine offset with screen printing.
Digital Print
The RICOH C651 production digital machine is ideal for content personalizing and low-cost printing of your brochures, DL envelopes, transcripts, flyers or posters, as well as structured materials, specialty media, labels and plastic substrates. The maximum size of the printable material is 330 x 630mm.
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Technology of colors for screenprinting
We have a department with color mixing specialists for screen printing. You can consult with us the technology of color mixing or you can order the color mixing on individual agreement. For more information, please contact our sales department.
Playing cards production
The production of playing cards, which may include, inter alia, identification or protective elements such as QR codes, barcodes, number series, wiping layer, UV color and other security features..
Cutting out of various shapes and materials, such as stickers, cards, tags, etc. The size of the cutouts is up to 50x35 cm. For more information, please contact our sales department.


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